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Temporary Residency

Introduction of Services

In accordance with Administrative Regulation no. 3/2005 “Investors, Managerial Personnel, Technical and Professional Qualification Holders Temporary Residency Scheme”, IPIM assists the following non-local natural persons in applying for temporary residency in the Macao Special Administrative Region:

1) Holders of major investment plans beneficial to the Macao SAR which are under assessment conducted by relevant authorities;

2) Holders of major investments in the Macao SAR;

In the light of Article 1 of Administrative Regulation No.7/2007, new application for temporary residency based on investment in local real estate allowed in Paragraph 4 under Article 1 of the Administrative Regulation has not been accepted since 4 April 2007. Pursuant to Articles 38 of Law No. 7/2023, new temporary residency application based on being “management personnel / technical personnel with special qualifications” as stipulated in Paragraph 3 under Article 1 of the Administrative Regulation is abolished.