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Setting up a company through IPIM

Notary service for company registration and business start-up

Notary Service and Company Registration
According to the statute of the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute: DL 29/99/M, article 25 section 1 (a) “The competence of the notary of IPIM includes: To perform all the necessary duties and to draw up the documents concerned with company registration and to determine the date for the notary service.”

Therefore, through the “One Stop Service” of the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, our notary provides a series of services and relevant legal and administrative procedures for company registration.


Procedures :

* Memo for establishing Subsidiary company

* Memo for establishing Branch


Other Notice:

  • After completion of company registry, employers should fill M/2 form and submit it to theFinance Services Bureau- Professional Tax Divisionwithin 15 days of any employment. (Law 2/78/M)
  • The Employer is responsible for the enrolment of his own and for his workers to the “Social Security Fund”. Quarterly payment should be contributed in January, April, July and October of every year. (DL 58/93/M)
  • Employers should file employees’ record every month in office in case of the random inspection of the Labour Affairs Bureau(DL 50/85/M)
  • Company should file Fixed Asset Listing, Balance Sheet and Minutes Book after operation. (DL 40/99/M)

For better following and assisting of investors, IPIM may request investors to present their “Initial Investment Plan in Macao” ( Form for download / Online Application ) or “Summary of Investment Intention or Plan” ( Guidelines for download )

1. Prepay company registration fees, notary fees and expenses
*According to Portaria N.522/99/M of the Macao Government dated 13, December 1999, fees for setting up a company include notarization fees, stamp duty of notarial deed, company registration fees and other expenses. For the investor’s convenience, IPIM will collect the fees in advance.


Notary Service Fee :

1. Each Notarial Deed – Mop$100;

2. In addition to the above Mop$100, a handling fee will be charged according to the amount of the registered capital, in a cumulative scheme
2.1) fraction of first Mop$500,000 or below: a handling fee of Mop$5 (about 0.5%) will be charged for every Mop$1,000 or less;

2.2) fraction above Mop$500,000 to Mop$1,000,000: a handling fee of Mop$4 (about 0.4%) will be charged for every Mop$1,000 or less;

2.3) fraction above Mop$1,000,000 to Mop$2,000,000: a handling fee of Mop$3 (about 0.3%) will be charged for every Mop$1,000 or less;

2.4) fraction above Mop$2,000,000 to Mop$5,000,000: a handling fee of Mop$2 (about 0.2%) will be charged for every Mop$1,000 or less;

2.5) fraction above Mop$5,000,000: a handling fee of Mop$ (about 0.1%) will be charged for every Mop$1,000 or less.

The overall notarization fees are accumulated and totaled according to the above mentioned points.

Stamp Duty of Notarial Deed:
Company Establishment Notarial Deed – from Mop $20 to Mop$100


Company Registration Fees :
1) For each initial registration of a collective persons commercial entrepreneurs, and for each record of creation of permanent representation in the Macao Special Administrative Region of a collective persons commercial entrepreneurs, whose main administration is not in Macau, charge is according to the capital amount:

1.1) Up to MOP$100,000.00, charge MOP$300.00;

1.2) More than MOP$100,000.00 and up to MOP$1,000,000.00, charge MOP$1,000.00 ;

1.3) More than MOP$1,000,000.00, charge MOP$3,000.00 .


Certificate of Admissibility of trade name : Every application – Mop$65

2. Assistance with application of trade name
1. The trade name is the name of the company that the entrepreneur chooses to register. Since it cannot be confused with other registered names, the proposed name has to be requested by applying for a “Certificate of Admissibility of Trade Name” at the Commercial Registry Office. After successfully obtaining the certificate, the company must be registered within 60 days.


2. A proposed name for newly formed companies must be written in Chinese and/ or Portuguese. When both Chinese and Portuguese are used, English can be added. Investors should also ensure that the name in all languages used must have a similar meaning. For Branch Offices, the name should be exactly the same as that of the parent company. Using the word “BRANCH” is optional.


3. The application fee is Mop$65 for each time, and it is valid for 60 days (Renewable). According to law, the processing time can take up to 10 days.

3. Arrange with IPIM Notary for signing Company Establishment Deed
For investment projects followed up by IPIM, the Company Establishment Deed signing will only be arranged when the below information is submitted by the investor.

Documents and forms required:

  1. Personal information and copy of I.D. of the Shareholders/ Directors. If the shareholder is married, it is necessary to report the matrimonial property system and submit a copy of the vaild identity document of the spouse. ( Form for download )
  2. Articles of Association ( Form for download / Online Application)
  3. Declaration Letter of Directors ( Form for download )


  1. All forms must be filled out in block letters and can be submitted by post, fax or email together with the investment plan.
  2. On the date of signing the Company Establishment Deed, all shareholders are required to attend and bring valid identification documents.
  3. The private notary of IPIM can assist investors on verifying signatures and issuing company establishment certificates.
  4. Registration of the company has to be completed within 15 days from the signing of the Company Establishment Deed.
4. Assistance to apply company registration
Once investment project followed by IPIM, our Notary will give assistance to investor to prepare the following document for company registration:

  1. Letter of Application
  2. Company Establishment Deed
  3. A list of names of shareholders and I.D. copies
  4. A list of names of the administrative board
  5. Declaration of acceptance of appointment of the administrative board
  6. Copy of Certificate of Admissibility of Trade Name

* Registration shall not take more than 15 days to process.
Contact One Stop Service : onestopservice@ipim.gov.mo