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E-Commerce Promotion Incentive Measures

The popularity of Internet usage and E-Commerce enables SMEs to make inexpensive and speedy transactions with their business partners around the world and maintain a powerful global network. Promoting business through the platform provided by E-Commerce operators is not only effective in gaining wide publicity, but also a source of innovative operation models for business development and creating endless business opportunities.

Being the designated organization for promoting Macao’s trade and investment, Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) actively assists and encourages local enterprises to make use of the E-Commerce Internet platform to enhance their competitiveness and explore business. To encourage enterprises to seize business opportunities brought about by E-Commerce, IPIM has E-Commerce Promotion Incentive Measures, and organizes a series of E-Commerce workshop activities, to promote E-Commerce to local industrial and commercial sectors. Local enterprises are taking new steps in promoting businesses through the E-Commerce platform in the era of information technology.

This website will provide detailed information on IPIM’s E-Commerce activities and measures as well as providing a series of E-Commerce resources and information for local enterprise and different sectors. Your active participation and valuable comments are most welcome and we look forward to working together to foster Macao’s E-Commerce development.

E-Commerce Promotion Incentive Measures (B2B)

E-Commerce Promotion (B2C) Incentives Scheme