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China-PSC Business Compass

“China-PSC Business Compass” provides enterprises, organisations and individuals with various forms of support for those wishing to expand markets in mainland China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries (PSC). These services include business advisory and referral services, business referral services, assistance in administrative procedure relevant to setting up companies, business matching, advertising, and office facilities.

China-PSC Business Compass provides the following eight services for enterprises, organisations and individuals:

  1. Business consultation: provide commercial information on Mainland China, Macao and Portuguese-Speaking Countries (PSC);
  2. Referral or arranging appointments: assist in arranging referrals or making appointments with economic and trade entities (such as institutes of promotion or associations of commerce in mainland China and PSC, as well as Representatives of Permanent Secretariat of Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Macao));
  3. Company registration: offer assistance for setting up companies in Macao through IPIM’s “One-stop Services”;
  4. Supply-demand matching of products and services: assist in seeking suitable partners;
  5. Promotion and advertising: provide service for promoting products and services;
  6. Host or participate in activities: assist in hosting or participating in commercial events in Mainland China, Macao and PSCs;
  7. Investment projects matching: assist in seeking suitable partners for investment projects;
  8. Signing trade or service co-operation agreements: provide occasions for signing documents such as co-operation agreements, memorandums, letter of intent in the segment of trading and service.

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