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Assessment Criteria for Temporary Residency Application-Major Investment / Investment Plan

Category of assessment Content
1 Industry
  • The investment project belongs to an industry the Government is pro-actively developing and is conducive to the diversification of Macao’s industry;
  • Featured finance;
  • Traditional Chinese medicine;
  • Convention and exhibition industry;
  • Cultural and creative industry;
  • E-commerce industry;
  • Information technology industry;
  • Industry conducive to diversified development of Macao’s economy.
2 The investment project enhances technical level and competitiveness of the industry
  • The investment project is original and unique;
  • The project imports innovative technologies or new operation models to Macao;
  • The project or products is/are awarded or funded;
  • The project pushes forward the development of the corresponding industry in Macao and enhances this industry’s competitiveness.
3 The project’s contribution to local labor market
  • Number of local citizens employed in the project;
  • The project creates chances for local citizens to move higher on the social ladder.
4 The investment will enhance the competitiveness of local brands
  • Products or services are certified by international organisation;
  • The project owns internationally recognised brand(s).
5 The project’s contribution to Macao’s sustainable development
  • The project holder has enough capital to implement the investment in Macao and is the proprietor of the operation establishment(s);
  • The project meets all relevant environmental protection, safety and health requirements.
6 The investment amount is rather big and the project is able to operate in Macao sustainably
  • Proportion of shares;
  • The investment amounts to MOP 15,000,000 or above;
  • The investment is composed of fixed assets for operation, operating expenditure and fees;
  • Capital not possessed by the applicant will not be taken into account;
  • Goods in stock are excluded in the calculation of investment amount.


  1. The assessment criteria of Temporary residency application based on “Major Investment/Major Investment Plan” mainly include but not limited to the above listed.
  2. Applications meeting the requirements stipulated in paragraphs (1) and (2) of Article 1 and Article 2 of Administrative Regulation No. 3/2005 (Investors, Managerial Personnel, Technical and Professional Qualification Holders Residency Scheme).