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Assessment Criteria for Temporary Residency Application-Management and / or Technical Personnel

In accordance with Article (1)(3) of the Administrative Regulation No. 3/2005, management and/or technical personnel employed by a local employer, with academic backgrounds, professional qualifications and experience considered beneficial to the Macao SAR, can apply for temporary residency in the Macao SAR according to the requirements of the Administrative Regulation.

Assessment Criteria for TemporaryResidency Application under the Category of “Management and/or Technical Personnel”

In accordance to Article 1, 6 and 7 of the above-mentioned administrative regulation, major considerations for application under the category of “Management and/or Technical Personnel” include but are not limited to the following:

1. Academic Background

In principle, the applicant should have completed tertiary education. The academic qualifications provided by the applicant must be recognised by the country/region of the issuing institution. Assessment will focus on whether the academic qualifications possessed by the applicant are beneficial to Macao, e.g. whether there is a shortage of staff with related qualifications in Macao.

2. Professional Qualifications / Publications / Awards

Consideration will be given to whether the applicant’s professional qualifications, publications or awards are internationally/regionally recognised, and whether the professional qualifications possessed are work-related. In principle, the more professional qualifications, publications and awards possessed the more advantageous it is for the application.

3. Work experience

The more work and / or managerial experience equivalent to academic or professional standards, the more advantageous it is for the application.

4. Job Position

Consideration will be given to whether the position held by the applicant is of a professional or managerial nature particularly beneficial to Macao, and whether the business nature and size of the employing company is particularly beneficial to Macao will also be analysed. During the analysis, IPIM will give special consideration to whether the qualities of the applicant are an advantage compared to local job seekers, whether there is a shortage of people with the related academic qualifications in Macao and also whether there is a shortage of personnel in the industry concerned.

5. Basic salary

In principle, the salary of the applicant should not be lower than the median salary of the industry concerned (with reference to the quarterly statistical data provided by the Statistics and Census Service).

6. The situation, security and demands of the Macao SAR

The following are disadvantageous to the application for temporary residency:

  1. Previous criminal convictions.
  2. Confirmed in compliance with the laws of the Macao SAR.
  3. Previous deportation record.
  4. Prohibition of entry, stay or transit at the Macao SAR according to the international legal instruments applicable to the Macao SAR.
  5. Interdiction of entry to the Macao SAR in accordance to law.
  6. Attempt to evade the stipulations of stay and residence by frequently entering and leaving the Macao SAR at short intervals without reasonable justifications.
  7. Prison sentence served in or outside the Macao SAR.
  8. Strong indications that the law will be broken or that the law may be broken.
  9. No guarantee of return to the place of origin, or the authority has valid reason to suspect the authenticity of the travel document, insufficient financial resources to sustain oneself for the intended period of stay, lack of return ticket to the place of origin.