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Application requirements

Q1. Is there any requirement regarding the nationality of temporary residency applicants?

A: The law of the Macao Special Administrative Region does not impose any limitation on temporary residency applicants’ nationality.


Q2. How does one make appointment and file temporary residency application (including the initial application, renewal and extension application)?

A: Applicants can make an appointment and file an application following the steps below:

  1. Log in to the “Online Appointment Booking System” on IPIM’s official website
  2. Book an appointment or file an application at IPIM in person or by an authorised person with letter of authorisation (the authorised person should bring the original ID of the applicant, original letter of authorisation signed by the applicant, original ID of the authorised person; or the original letter of authorisation whereon the applicant’s signature is approved by forensic test of handwriting, copy of applicant’s ID, original and valid ID of the authorised person)
  3. Walk-in service (applicant must bring all the required documents in order to obtain a number tag and file an applicant. Applications will not be accepted once the daily quota of walk-in service has been reached)


Q3. How can I change an appointment after the booking has been made? In a case where I am not able to submit in person the application for temporary residency, can the required documents be submitted by my representative? Can a representative sign the application form?

A: Applicants can reschedule the appointments by using IPIM’s Online Appointment Booking System (http://onlinebooking.ipim.gov.mo/en/aultAgree.aspx).

If the applicant is not able to submit the required documents in person, an authorised representative may bring the related documents to IPIM, including the original Letter of Authorisation signed by the applicant, the original valid identification documents of the applicant and the authorised representative, and the signed application forms. The application forms must be signed by the applicant and be notarised; the authorised representative of the applicant is not allowed to sign the forms. (A sample of the Letter of Authorisation can be downloaded on IPIM’s website: (https://www.ipim.gov.mo/en/investment-residency/forms-to-download/)



Q4. How do I know if I have all the required documents for making a temporary residency application?

A: Applicants may fill in the temporary residency application form and upload the supporting documents on IPIM’s “Online Document Submission System”. IPIM will check if the applicant have all the required documents and reply to the applicant by email and arrange a date for filing the formal application (the purpose of this service is to solely help applicants check whether they have all the required documents. It does not rule out the possibility that IPIM will request the applicants to submit further supporting documents. Using this system does not mean that a formal temporary residency application is filed).


Q5. Is there any sample of letter of authorisation I can refer to?

A: Applicants may download the sample of letter of authorisation on IPIM’s official website.


Q6. If the supporting documents are not in Chinese or Portuguese, must the documents be translated?

A: The official languages of the Macao SAR are Chinese and Portuguese, and therefore all documents submitted must be in either of the two official languages. In general, documents in English are also accepted. Documents in any other languages must be translated into Chinese or Portuguese by a recognised authority from the respective place of origin (such as an embassy or consulate), and the translated documents must be notarised/certified.


Q7. Is notarisation needed for documents issued by departments in Mainland China?

A: Among the required documents issued by departments in Mainland China, notarisation is needed for marriage documents, criminal record certificate, birth certificate, adoption certificate and divorce documents (including divorce adjudication, documents of child custody). In general situations, notarised documents should be issued by notaries in Mainland China. Please refer to the 5.2 to 5.4 in the Temporary Residency Application Guidelines for format requirements.


Q8. What should be noted when applying for a certificate of criminal record?

A: Residency applicant and his/her family dependent(s) must submit criminal record or equivalent documents issued by relevant authority(-ies) of the country/region they recently resided in. For example, US passport holders should submit a certificate of criminal record issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), UK passport holders should submit a certificate of criminal record issued by ACPO, while an Australian passport holder should submit a certificate of criminal record issued by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) (Reference: Paragraph 1 (8) of Article 9 of Administrative Regulation No. 3/2005).


Q9. Do I need to provide a Macao address and local telephone number as contact information?

A:The applicant must provide a local address and telephone number, so that IPIM is able to contact the applicant via mail or telephone. Applicant should also submit proof of address, e.g. a water or electricity bill. In addition, the applicant is required to submit proof of Macao address when applying for renewal and/or extension. In the event of only submitting proof of address whereon the applicant’s name is now shown is available, the applicant must submit a declaration and other supporting document, like a lease contract. A relevant declaration is required if the applicant does not reside in Macao.



Q10. Is there a charge for the application for temporary residency? Is there a quota for the number of temporary residency applications to be submitted each year?

A: IPIM will not charge any fees for the assessment of the temporary residency application. The Macao Special Administrative Region does not restrict the number of temporary residency applications that can be submitted each year.


Q11. How does one enquire about the status of my temporary residency application?

A: Applicants may check the status of their temporary residency applications:

  1. Using IPIM’s service “Online Enquiry on Applications” (this system is applicable to initial/renewal/extension applications filed on and after 1 January 2007, excluding the change of status and confirmation declaration).
  2. Call IPIM’s Residence Application and Legal Affairs Department on (853) 2871 2055. IPIM will verify the identity of the applicant and answer the enquiry.
  3. Enquire at IPIM in person


Q12. How can I check the result of a temporary residency application?

A: IPIM will send out official notifications by registered mail to the address in Macao that was provided on the application forms. In the case of renewal of the temporary residency permit, the applicant can also choose to collect the notification in person at the District Public Services Centre in Areia Preta or the Islands District Public Services Centre in Taipa.


Q13. Important notes on guarantee documents

A: Pursuant to Article 39 of Law No 16/2021 enabled by Article 23 of Administrative Regulation No 3/2005 and Article 33 of Law No 38/2021, temporary residency applicants (including new applicants, renewal and extension applicants) must submit guarantee documents such as bank guarantee, surety, in order to guarantee that applicants have the sufficient financial capability for possible repatriation in the future.

The guarantor is required to be a permanent resident of Macao who settles in Macao, or a legal person whose headquarters are in the Macao SAR, that will serve as a dominant payer and renounce the beneficium excussionis. Please note that the changing of guarantor requires IPIM’s approval.

Regarding new applications, renewal and extension applications filed after 15 November 2021, applicants must submit relevant guarantee documents. If an applicant is unable to prove that relevant repatriation expenses are covered via guarantee, bank guarantee or surety, the granting of this applicant’s residency will be deemed ineffective.

Relevant form of guarantee is available on IPIM’s official website for download:.