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[2019-11-08] Privatisation of Angola’s agro-livestock farms attracts seven companies

Source: Macauhub

Seven Angolan and foreign companies were found to be eligible to participate in the public tender for the privatisation of the Longa (Kwando Kubango), Cuimba (Zaire), Camaiangala (Moxico) and Sanza Pombo (Uige) farms, according to state holding institute IGAPE.

The statement issued in Luanda also reported that the Longa agro-livestock farm had one application, Camaiangala had three, Cuimba had five, and Sanza Pombo had three, and competitors now have 30 days to submit the respective financial offers.

The four agro-livestock farms of Camaiangala, Longa, Sanza Pombo and Cuimba under privatisation, with an area of 45,000 hectares, are valued at US$110 million.

The Camaiangala farm, located in Moxico province, Camanongue municipality, is valued at US$24 million and was the subject of a turnkey project awarded to China National Electronics Import and Export (CEIEC) in 2011.

Cuimba, in the province of Zaire, occupies an area of 9,784 hectares, of which about 2,140 hectares have been cleared and prepared for agricultural production, where rain-fed maize has already been sown.

The Sanza Pombo farm, located in Uíge province, is valued at US$22 million and occupies a gross area of 9,433 hectares of which about 25% has been cleared and prepared for agricultural production.

The initial objective was to allocate about 500 hectares to flood irrigation for rice production, but the available water resources have not been sufficient for rice production.

Located in Kwando Kubango, Longa’s agro-industrial farm is considered one of the largest rice production facilities in the country. It was built between 2010 and 2012 and designed to produce rice on an area of 1,500 hectares.