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Economic Data of Fujian Province

Brief Introduction of Fujian Province – Economic Profile of 2022

Population41.88 Million
GDPUSD 789.61 Billion(YoY+4.7%)
FDIUSD 4.99 Billion(YoY+1.8%)
Total Trade VolumeUSD 294.80 Billion(YoY+7.6%)
Value of ExportsUSD 180.50 Billion(YoY+12.3%)
Value of ImportsUSD 114.30 Billion(YoY+0.9%)
Source: 2022 National Economic and Social Development of Fujian Province,

Fujian Province Trade in goods with Macao in 2022

FlowUS dollar
Export60.41 million
Import73.81 thousand
Import and Export60.48 million
Comment: “export” means Fujian Province exports to Macao; “import” means Fujian Province imports from Macao.
Source: Customs statistics,

Fujian Province Trade in goods with Portuguese-speaking Countries in 2022

Portuguese-speaking Countries Flow US dollar
Angola Export 174.72 million
Import 89.04 million
Import and Export  263.76 million
Brazil Export 2.30 billion
Import 6.62 billion
Import and Export  8.92 billion
Cape Verde  Export 2.42 million
Import and Export  2.42 million
Guinea Bissau  Export 1.14 million
Import 86
Import and Export  1.14 million
Mozambique Export 200.80 million
Import 136.09 million
Import and Export  336.89 million
Portugal Export 172.09 million
Import 101.32 million
Import and Export  273.41 million
São Tomé and Príncipe  Export 0.12 million
Import 151
Import and Export  0.12 million
East Timor  Export 10.59 million
Import 24.00 million
Import and Export  34.59 million
Comment: “export” means Fujian Province exports to Portuguese-speaking Countries; “import” means Fujian Province imports from Portuguese-speaking Countries.
Source: Customs statistics,

Update Time: March in 2024