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[2022-08-12] Angola: Luachimo dam, financed by China, begins equipment tests

Source: Permanent Secretariat to the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Macao)

The equipment acceptance tests of the first two turbines at the Luachimo hydroelectric dam in Lunda Norte province, Angola, began on 9th of August, which is a preparation for the start of operations, according to the director of the rehabilitation and expansion of the facility, Joaquim Costa.

The first two turbines, with a capacity to produce 17 megawatts of electricity, have already been installed while the installation rate of the other two, with the same power output, is over 60 %.

Estimated at over US$212 million, financed by a credit line from China, the work will increase the power capacity of the dam from 8.4 megawatts to 34 megawatts, which is more than the local need. That is to say, around 50% of the power produced can be left to be a reserve.

The start of operation of the energy project, which will have a power station made up of four generator groups of 8.5 megawatts each, totaling 34 megawatts, will make it possible to expand the power supply to benefit 186 thousand residents in the city of Dundo and the municipalities of Cambulo and Lucapa.