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[2022-03-21] Sino-Angolan partners to spend US$70 mln on Luanda landfill

Source: Permanent Secretariat to the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Macao)

The Angolan government expects a consortium of Angolan builder Griner Engenharia SA and Chinese state-owned China Machinery Engineering Corp. to invest about US$70 million in improving the Mulenvos landfill on the edge of Luanda, Angop says, citing a senior official, Milton Reis.

Mr Reis said the authorities were still working on the terms of the concession, won by the consortium last month, according to a report carried by the Angolan state-owned news agency last Thursday.

The report says the consortium will be required to run the landfill as a partner of the public sector, sorting the rubbish, selling what is recyclable and generating electricity by incinerating what is left or by collecting and burning biogas.

About 45 percent of the 3.3 million tonnes of rubbish thrown away in the province of Luanda each year can be recycled, and 35 percent can be turned into fertiliser, according to the results of a study by the Angolan Ministry of the Economy and Planning quoted by Angop.