Personal service for your project’s implementation

The “ One Stop Service ” provided by IPIM includes :

Free information and recommendations from our professionals; Company registration service; Co-ordination of public institutions by the Investment Committee ; Free advice and necessary guidelines for the implementation of your project and assistance in finding local partners.

In order to achieve these aims effectively with the One Stop Service , you are highly recommended to provide us with a detailed project proposal. You are advised to draft your proposal using the following referential guidelines. Any additional information such as market research, quality standards, risk analysis, is also appreciated.

1. Project Proposal :

  • Company Background
  • Nature of business
  • Financial status

2. Assistance required:

  • Find local partners
  • Company registration
  • Licenses application
  • Human Resource, training and import labor
  • Subscription for Land
  • Tax or financial subsidy applications
  • Other services

Flowchart of Investor’s “One-stop Service”