The three-day Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition 2018 (2018MIECF) was concluded today (14 April) with the event proving once again to be a huge success with all that attended. Many exhibitors and participants commented on the benefits of attending the event. MIECF serves as a “green” platform, helping companies to successfully expand in terms of “green” business, to achieve productive results in terms of co-operation, and broaden their horizons regarding “green” issues.

The total area of this year’s exhibition floor – known as the “Green Showcase” – was approximately 16,900 square metres, a similar size to last year’s event. This year there were more than 490 exhibitors from around 19 countries and regions, offering environmentally-friendly solutions to issues such as air, water and soil pollution, and eco-city construction. This year’s event saw an even larger display area for environment-friendly concepts originating from the Greater Bay Area. It also included several other themed areas, including: the “Showcase Area for Innovative Environmental Protection Technologies”, the “Green Construction Pavilion” which showcased environment-friendly construction products and services, and the “Showcase Area for Green Transportation”, featuring a number of options for sustainable transport.

An exhibitor from Zhejiang supplying security equipment services attended this year’s MIECF at the invitation of a Macao company. The main products of the Zhejiang company include cameras, vehicle-mounted lenses, technology for human facial recognition and chips developed through patented technologies among other things. The exhibitor said thanks to the Macao SAR Government’s efforts to develop a smart city, there was ample room for co-operation between the two sides.

Mr. Ma, a Hong Kong-based exhibitor from a firm that supplies electric vehicles, has participated in MIECF for three consecutive years. He said that the company exhibited a type of electric bus from Australia for the first time at a previous MIECF and with the support of the Macao SAR Government was able to have the buses trialled on two local bus routes. The feedback on the vehicle had been very good. This year, the company had tailor-made a 9.5-metre long electric bus that meets European Union standards and is suitable for Macao’s conditions, namely the city’s limited geographical area, large population and narrow roads. In addition to exhibiting buses at previous MIECFs, this year the company also showed a range of scooters that has recently started producing. With the increasing emphasis on the promotion of electric vehicles in Mainland China and Macao, it is believed that the market for electric vehicles has considerable room for development in Macao. The company attracted the interest of many attendees from Portuguese-speaking Countries at this year’s MIECF. Some representatives of entities from Portuguese-speaking Countries have agreed to pursue co-operation with the company.

Ms. King and Mr. Zhu from a company in Taiwan brought a number of products to the exhibition. Although the company already has agents in the Mainland and Hong Kong, it hopes to enter the Macao market. The products exhibited included Anion-air ionisers, lithium batteries for vehicles, micro electricity grids and other products designed with ease of use – by a variety of consumers – in mind. During the exhibition, the company received many orders from professional buyers.

Mr. Chan, a Macao-based exhibitor from the construction sector, pointed out that MIECF is not only set up as a platform for exhibitors to communicate, collaborate and acquire new industry information, but also as a platform to bring relevant environmental protection technologies and know-how to Portuguese-speaking Countries. He expected to introduce domestically popular technologies such as LED lights, solar energy and special electronic equipment, to overseas development projects in those countries. By increasing the scope of its business partnerships, the company plans to “go global” and introduce advanced technologies to Portuguese-speaking Countries.

One solar panel company from Austria participated in MIECF for the first time this year. Mr. Reddmann, a representative of the company, said that the solar panels it produces are thinner than traditional ones. They are also space saving and easy to dismantle and store, which is especially useful for areas that are affected by typhoons. The company’s product attracted a great deal of attention from MIECF attendees. Mr. Reddmann pointed out that he hoped to secure business partners from among other MIECF participants. In addition to product sales, the company hopes to set up factories in Asia and even sell rights to its technology. Local production can save on shipping and other costs. During the exhibition, many participants, especially ones from Portuguese-speaking Countries, showed interest in pursuing co-operation with the company, and Mr. Reddmann made many contacts. He is very satisfied with the results of his trip to 2018MIECF.

A Singapore company engaged in vacuum system design participated in MIECF this year, its second appearance at the annual event. Exhibitor Mr. Xu said that via MIECF, the company had achieved calculable results, mostly in terms of establishing contact with other companies. The firm mainly provides customers with tailor-made vacuum systems that can be used for waste collection and hospital medical waste disposal.

A total of 35 project agreements were signed during the three days of MIECF. Mr. Guan, from a Malaysian company producing environmental protection products such as cleaning liquids, disinfectants and deodorizers, pointed out that the company’s cleaning products featured no toxic chemical additives. The company has participated in several MIECFs as professional visitors and had found business partners in Macao. This year it successfully signed a co-operation agreement during MIECF for the Macao market, and hopes in the future to enter the Mainland China market via the Macao platform.

Mr. Zhu, head of a Sichuan science and technology development company, successfully also reached a co-operation agreement with a Macao company during 2018MIECF. Mr. Zhu pointed out that the Macao company can itself play the role of a “platform” to enable the Sichuan firm to access raw material – namely extremely pure crystal – from Portuguese-speaking Countries for its chip development projects, and for wine production-related research. In the future, the company plans to set up a research and development centre in Macao to produce energy-saving chips for digital technology.

Exhibitors value the platform function of MIECF

Exhibitors value the platform function of MIECF

MIECF helps exhibitors to expand their “green” business

MIECF helps exhibitors to expand their “green” business