Management and/or Technical Personnel


The online assessment system is established to provide reference resources to prospective applicants. It enables the prospective applicant to have a better understanding of his/her status and to consider whether or not to lodge a formal temporary residency application.


The online assessment is applicable to those intended to lodge a temporary residency application. The applicant should be management and/or technical personnel employed by local employers with academic and professional qualifications as well as work or management experience considered to be particularly beneficial to the Macao SAR.

Points to Note

In accordance with the requirements of the Administrative Regulation No. 3/2005, Mainland residents should submit documentary proof issued by Mainland authorities granting permission to apply for residency in the Macao SAR. If such documents are not available, the applicant needs to provide other supporting documents to facilitate the analysis and assessment procedures.

Prospective applicants please refer to the Guidelines for Application for Temporary Residency for further information.