Macao trade and Investment Promotion Institute
Questionnaire for Macao Enterprises
1. Marketing and Business Information:
(1) What is the business nature of your enterprise/company?
(2) Does your enterprise/company engage in import/export/trading business? /> Yes /> No (Please go to Q8)
(3) What kind of product(s)/service(s) does your enterprise/company import/export?
(4) Which market(s)/country are the product(s)/service(s) exported to?

Which market(s)/country are the product(s)/service(s) imported from?

(6) Does your enterprise/company own a production line?
/> Yes (Please specify: /> Macao /> Mainland China /> Overseas )  
/> No
(7) Has your enterprise/company encountered difficulties in your trading and business process? (e.g. customs clearance, transportation arrangement or capital deployment)
/> Yes ( Please specify: )  
/> No
(8) Does your enterprise/company intend to operate an import/export/trading business? /> Yes /> No