* Type of application:
  New application   Renewal / Application for extension to family dependent(s)


  1. Online enquiries on applications” are suitable for initial applications, renewal and extension to family members, submitted on or after 1 January 2007.
  2. Only the main applicant and his/her proxy are allowed to access the online enquiry on the applications.
  3. Full record of the applicant’s identification will not be shown for privacy purposes.
  4. If a main applicant has changed his/her “mobile phone number for SMS notification” and he/her becomes unable to enquire the status of residency application, this applicant should visit IPIM in person to register relevant changes.
  5. According to relevant laws, the time when IPIM is waiting for the opinions of other government departments or applicants' submission of supplementary information will be excluded in the length of application procedure.
  6. Please read more relevant notes. And all online information is for reference only. Please refer to our update from time to time.
  7. If there are any queries, please approach our Residence Application and Legal Affairs Department.
    Enquiry hotline:(853) 2871-2055
    Fax number:(853) 2871-3950
    Address: World Trade Centre Building, 1st & 4th Floors,918, Avenida da Amizade, Macao
  8. If you are an applicant for temporary residency at this Institute (IPIM), please indicate in your email/letter to the Residence Application and Legal Affairs Department of IPIM, the reference number and contact details for our follow-up and feedback.