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Consulasia has sought to deliver the type of engineering service that contributes to the development of Macao since 2002.

Consulasia Managing Director, Hélderdos dos Santos

Consulasia Managing Director, Hélderdos dos Santos

Consulasia – Consultores de Engenharia e Gestão Lda. is interested in developing solutions for Macao’s trafficrelated problems. Managing Director Hélder dos Santos says there are small adjustments that can help minimise such issues, as long as there is “a global vision” regarding the city’s urban planning.

The company, owned by Portuguese group Consulgal, has presented proposals aimed at solving issues that include traffic circulation and parking problems, and it would like to continue looking for solutions in these areas.

“Of course we are looking for new businesses, but we are also looking to provide services that can be useful and important for the development of Macao,” says Mr Santos.

Engineering and management consultant firm Consulasia was established in Macao in 2002. Mr Santos says the “great advantage” of Consulasia is that it can easily mobilise experts in different areas from abroad, according to need, due to the support given by its parent company, which has a presence in several countries. In fact, he says the majority of group Consulgal’s revenue come from outside Portugal.

Multidisciplinary approach

Consulasia’s first major work in Macao was a feasibility study for the project of what would be the light rail transit (LRT) system, says Mr Santos.

“Macao had no know-how in this field and [our parent company] Consulgal is a company with a lot of experience in the railway sector,” he says.

More recently, Consulasia won the contract for the design of the LRT material and workshops park, known as the depot, as well as the contract for the supervision of the electro mechanic system and equipment for the LRT Taipa segment.

Since its establishment, Consulasia has been expanding technical and economic studies and projects, as well as working in the field of construction supervision. “Macao is a very limited market, so one has to be multidisciplinary,” Mr Santos explains.

The company has recently been awarded a contract to work on the project for a police building in Coloane and Police Special Unit training complex.

The company’s services cover a range of fields, including architecture and urban planning, transportation infrastructure, the environment, and industry and energy.

Its portfolio includes the design for the Macao end of the currently under-construction Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, as well as improvement studies for Macao’s drainage system, among many others.

Consulasia has also been involved in the provision of services for specific projects. It has been involved in projects from the private sector, including in the hotel and casino industry, but the Macao SAR Government is its biggest client.

Pioneers in waste collection

Consulasia’s work in the environmental sector is particularly treasured, says Mr Santos. “We are proud to say we brought to Macao and developed the only existing project for automatic waste collection system,” Mr Santos explains.

The design and building of this pilot project began in 2006, in Areia Preta. “I think it is a success. The Government should consider expanding it,” he suggests.

Sinogal Lda., a consortium in which Consulasia has a stake, has secured the operation and maintenance contract for the Macao Refuse Incineration Plant for 2009-2019 with a consortium that includes two Taiwanese companies CTCI Corp. and Sino Environmental Services Corp. “Taiwan has taken the environment issue to the highest level,” Mr Santos explains.

Before that, from 2010 to 2013, Sinogal provided operation and maintenance services for the Macao Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant in a consortium with Sino Environmental Services Corporation.

Consulasia currently employs 50 people and Sinogal another 120. But Mr Santos acknowledges the challenges of managing human resources in Macao.

“Great honesty” and “good service” are two principles followed strictly by Consulasia, making it a “very trustworthy” company in Macao, its Managing Director points out. “What we want is to make sure that we provide a good service to our clients.”

Consulasia developed the automatic waste collection system in the Areia Preta district

Consulasia developed the automatic waste collection system in the Areia Preta district