Online Document Submission System for Temporary Residency Application
(“Online Document Submission System”)

To facilitate the applicants who intend to submit temporary residency application to the Macao SAR in accordance with Administrative Regulation No. 3/2005, the “Online Submission System” allows applicants to fill out and submit the temporary residency application online and upload supporting documents for record before submitting a formal new / renewal / family dependent extension(1) application in person. IPIM will assist the applicant in submitting the full set of required documents according to the documents uploaded by the applicant via the “Online Submission System”, whereby achieving the target of bringing convenience to people and streamlining the processes of government.

This service is suitable for:
Applicants who intend to submit temporary residency new / renewal / family dependent extension application to the Macao SAR in accordance with Administrative Regulation No. 3/2005.

1. All documents submitted via the “Online Submission System” are used solely for the assessment of the integrity of documents. Submitting an application and relevant documents via the System does not mean that a formal application is made.
2. IPIM will perform a preliminary analysis base on the documents submitted through the “Online Submission System”. IPIM will, then, reply within 30 days via email regarding the integrity of documents and the designated date for making formal application.
3. If you are not able to submit a formal application on the reserved date, you can change the date via the “Online Reservation System”.

Applicants are strongly recommended to read the Temporary Residency Application Guideline before using the “Online Submission System”.

(1) Application for extension to family dependent which can only be made after the temporary residency application of the applicant is officially approved.