Application Form for Using the "Multi-function Conference Hall"   
1) Information of business association/organization/company stations at MBSC:
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3) Note:

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* For the rules and regulations and the price of using the venues and services of MBSC, please refer to the page 2 and 3 or contact the staff of MBSC on Tel: 853-28728212, Fax: 853-28727123 or by
Additional Information would be required by MBSC if necessary.
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The rules and regulations for using the multi-function conference halls of MBSC


  1. To assist enterprises to exploit potential markets and explore business opportunities;
  2. To promote activities that facilitate exchanges between local and overseas business associations/enterprises through utilizing the resources of MBSC.


  1. Business association/organization, government and quasi-official institution;
  2. Business Association/organization station at MBSC or tenant of the temporary office of MBSC;
  3. Local small and medium-sized enterprises, which are recommended by business associations or government institutes that organize events aiming at market exploitation or promoting Macao’s economic development.

Application procedures:

  1. Application: Applicants must complete the specific application form and submit it with the relevant information of the activities to the reception. MBSC will request for more information when necessary. Applicants must submit the application form seven working days before the activities take place.
  2. Notification: MBSC will reply by e-mail or fax in seven days upon receiving the application. In case of urgency, special arrangement will be applied.
  3. Payment: Applicants must settle all the expenses in cash (MOP) or check before the activities take place and receipt will be issued accordingly.
  4. Cancellation: Upon receiving the approval of the application, applicant must inform MBSC immediately by e-mail, fax or letter in case of canceling the activities.

Incentives and grants:

  1. In order to encourage local and overseas government institutions, business associations and commercial organizations to cooperate with IPIM, activities, which are co-organised or supported by IPIM, with the objectives of promoting Macao’s economic development, facilitating co-operations between enterprises and exploit potential markets, charges for using the venues , the air-conditioning and the technicians for non-office hours may be exempted on request. However, IPIM will reserve the right to make the final decision according to the actual situation.
  2. In order to assist investors to implement the investment plans and to initiate the preliminary stage of the business in Macao, enterprises that are approved to use the temporary offices may use the multi-function room on 20th floor during their stay for free or rent the multi-functional room on 19th floor.

Other important notices:

  1. Applicant must attach a rundown of the activity and a company/organization profile.
  2. All activities must be business related, admission and any direct sales involving payment of exchange are not allowed.
  3. Upon the approval of the application, organizer has to contact the staff of MBSC to confirm the arrangement of the facilities required as soon as possible.
  4. User is responsible for restoring function rooms to condition noted on arrival. He/She is liable for any damage caused to use areas.
  5. MBSC reserves the right to refuse any further usage of the facilities if the actual content of the activity does not tally with the issues stated in the request form. Under no circumstances will the centre accept any legal responsibility for the content neither of the presentations nor of any views held and expressed by any of the speakers. MBSC reserves the ultimate right in using the facilities and equipment of the center.
  6. Applicant can only arrange caterings in the recreation area and is responsible to arrange the catering service and vacate the venue after the event.
  7. If typhoon signal number eight or above was hoisted, all bookings will be cancelled and applicants can re-arrange another date for the activities according to the availability of the venue(s).
  8. IPIM will not take any responsibility caused by the cancellation of the bookings due to emergency, special incidents or other situations beyond the control of IPIM.


Price list for the Multi-function Conference Halls of MBSC

Price (MOP) Multi-functional Hall on 19th Fl Multi-functional Hall on 20thFloor
Complete Hall
(App. 200 pax)
Hall 1+Hall 2
(App. 130 pax)
Hall 3
(App. 60 pax)
Complete Hall
(App. 100 pax)
Office hours (Mon. - Fri. 9:00-18:00) Facilities Full-day (8hr) $ 800 $ 500 $ 300 Free of charge
Half-day (4hr) $ 500 $ 300 $ 180 Free of charge
Over-time(per hour) $ 130 $ 130 $ 130 Free of charge
Air-condition Price per hour Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Technician Price per hour Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Product display/ exhibition area2 Price per day(exhibition boards will be provided) $ 300 $ 300 $ 300 -
Non-office hours
(Non-office hours from Monday to Friday, Saturday, Sunday and
Public Holidays)
Facilities Full-day (8hr) $1600 $ 1000 $ 600 $ 800
Half-day (4hr) $ 1000 $ 600 $ 360 $ 500
Over-time(per hour) $ 260 $ 260 $ 260 $ 130
Air-condition Price per hour $ 300 $ 300 $ 300 $ 300
Technician Price per hour $400 $400 $400 $400
1. Activities that are co-organised or supported by IPIM, can apply for the exemption of the charges for using the venues, air-conditioning as well as technicians for non-office hours.
2. The product display/exhibition area is restricted to be reserved together with the multi-function conference hall on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays.
MBSC will reply the applicant in seven days upon receiving the completed application form and relevant documents.