Since the establishment of SME Service Centre (SMEC), we have been following our mission Take Service as a Fundamental and SME as a Priority and provide a series of business information and services to accommodate to the different needs of small and medium-sized enterprises at their various stages of development. SMEC is now fully geared to provide support and cultivate brands while taking the initiative to look after the different needs for the enterprise’s development.

The birth of an enterprise symbolises the growth of a plant – the seed send out seedlings that grow day by day until it blossoms…

Germination – the enterprise burgeons into the business arena
Enterprises need to synthesise large amounts of information to prepare for successive growth.

Plant seeds for your business with ample business information from around the world and consultancy services at SME Service Centre, to sprout and allow it to grow strong, with a solid foundation to allow it to prosper.

Our services:
– One-stop Service for Macao Economic and Trade Consultation
– Mainland China Business Advisory Service (including China Business Advisory, China Business Advisory Services – Guangdong, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, and CCPIT business consultancy)
– Information on Local and Global Fairs and Exhibitions
– Franchising Enquiry Services
– New Trade and Economic Publications

The stages of growth – getting ready to create a marketing edge
Build up promotional dynamics and solicit publicity to pursue marketing excellence

To do a better job, you must widen your knowledge and sharpen your skills. Enhance your promotional strategies with the various SME Promotional Schemes/Packages, designed to match your anticipation of your business growth anticipation. These schemes integrate different channels of diversified promotional strategies, exposing your company image to a wider audience in conventions and exhibitions, e-commerce platforms and various media to help you create brand awareness and facilitate promotional needs

Our services:
Financial incentives for participation in exhibition and fairs (application form, Registration Form for Exhibitions and FairsList of Registered Exhibitions 2017.)
– E-Commerce Promotion Incentives (details, application form and Eligible E-commerce Operators)
– “E-Commerce Promotion (B2C) Incentives Scheme” (Application Procedure, Terms and Conditions, Application Form, Products Declaration (Sample)List of “Eligible B2C E-Commerce Platforms”, Assessment criteria of “Eligible B2C E-Commerce Platforms”)

The blossoming stage – Enterprises seeking partnerships to expand business horizons
Strengthen business ties and forge co-operation

Join our business promotion, match-making and trade and economic activities to obtain nourishment for the development of your enterprise. By way of stimulating the foundation of an enterprise, strengthening business connections and networks, these activities are aimed at helping SMEs further realise their long-term objective of developing Macao brands and expanding external co-operation.

Our services:
– Capacity building seminars and workshops
– Business exchange activities
– Overseas products/services promotion

SME Marketing Seminar Incentive Programme
The Programme aims to encourage local SMEs to organise workshops to keep up with market demands. Organisations/chambers of commerce/business organisations are invited to organise a series of workshops or seminars at Macao Business Support Centre (MBSC). IPIM will provide a number of incentive measures including providing the venue at no cost at MBSC, a promotion campaign, as well as paying for and making arrangements for the transportation, accommodation and hospitality for speakers. The Programme will enable local SMEs to explore markets and seek business opportunities.
Introduction of the SME Marketing Seminar Incentive Programme
Application Form for the SME Marketing Seminar Incentive Programme

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