Free Trade Zone/Industrial Park/Science and Technology Park

Introduction of ChinaGuangdongPilot Free Trade Zone, Nansha Area of Guangzhou

China(Guangdong)Pilot Free Trade Zone covers 116.2k㎡, in which Nansha New Zone covers 60k㎡.It can be divided into 7 blocks and 3 parts, i.e. Central Area, Harbor Area and Qingsheng Area.

The major function of Central Area is to make innovation on the administrative management system, explore the expanding of investment horizon, deepen the financial reform and innovation, strengthen the productive services with Hong Kong and Macau, and realize the deep integration among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. It emphasizes on the development of headquarter economy, financial services, professional services, commercial services, information technology, service outsourcing, etc.

The main function of Harbor Area is develop shipping logistics with Hong Kong and Macau, make innovation on the service modes of customs clearance and supervision, make joint effort to build international shipping center, so as to realize the facilitation of international trade. It emphasizes on the shipping logistics, bonded warehousing, international transit, international trade, shipping finance, shipping trade, etc.

The main function of Qingsheng Area is to strengthen the international cooperation of modern service industry, improve the convenient circulation of service factors, promote the deep opening of service industry to the world, and realize the facilitation of personal exchanges. It emphasizes on the development of modern service, international cooperation, education and training, health services, cultural creativity, scientific research and development, etc.

China(Guangdong)Pilot Free Trade Zone, Nansha Area of Guangdong will take the advantages of the good geological location of Nansha New Zone, rich resources along the port shoreline, and close cooperation with foreign countries and Hong Kong& Macau, build the basic institutional framework engaging with the general rules of international investment and trade, and promote the comprehensive and high-level opening up. It will focus on the development of shipping& logistics, featured finance, international trade, high-end manufacturing, profession services, etc. and build the productive service oriented modern industry and world advanced comprehensive service center.

Introduction of Guangzhou Development District

Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Guangzhou Export Processing Zone, Guangzhou Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as GDD) is located in eastern Guangzhou, with a planning area of 78.92 square kilometers. It has nine industrial clusters which are electronic information, panel display, automobile and parts, chemicals, new materials, E-commerce, food and beverage, bio-medicine, intelligent equipment and well-known enterprises. Since establishment in 1984, GDD has been developing rapidly with comprehensive economic strength maintaining top three among all national development zones, becoming one of the best economic benefit performance state-level development zones. During 30 years, GDD is committed to developing industrial economy, expanding opening-up and strengthening technical innovation that has been an important economic growth pole in Guangzhou, also the open key areas and technical innovation engine.

Overviews of Guangdong’s Investment and Cooperation Projects in 2016

To further improve the opening up and cooperative investment of Guangdong, and to attract more well-known entrepreneurs both at home and abroad, 29 cooperative projects had be launched in 2016. The details were as follows: Projects concerning farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery totaled 6 and manufacturing industry totaled 9. Furthermore, there were 2 programs of electric power, water power, gas power, water production and supply. For Information transmission, software and information technology service, one project had be introduced. Respectively, there were 2 projects about lease and business services and also 2 for scientific research and technical service industry. What’s more, water conservancy, environment and public facilities projects had been added up to 5 and another 2 for resident services, repairs and other services.

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