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Temporary Residency Application for Annual Talents Admission


To operate in line with policy implementation and economic development of the Macao SAR, attract overseas talents to Macao to motivate the diversification of Macao’s industries, improve the competitiveness of industries.


Talents in following ten professions in five sectors will be introduced to Macao with priority in this year on the condition of being employed by Macao employers:

Five sectors Ten professions
1. Financial Sector (1)  Professional in Finance Leasing

(2)  Financial professional in Portuguese-speaking countries’ (PSC) markets

(3)  Legal professional engaging in financial dispute resolution and arbitration-related services;

2. Information Technology Sector (4)  IT professional in city planning domain

(5)  Professional specialising in developing and operating software/hardware for innovative point of service

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry (6)  Pharmacist and pharmacological professional with rich experience in traditional Chinese medicine development, research, examination or manufacturing

(7)  Professional experienced in Chinese clinical

4. Lusophone Markets and Chinese-Portuguese Translation (8)  Chinese-Portuguese bilingual professional familiar with markets of Portuguese-speaking countries and China

(9)  Professional with no less than 10 years of experience in Chinese-Portuguese translation or interpretation

5.     Convention and Exhibition Industry (10)        Professional in planning convention of international organisations

Note: According to the regulations set out in Paragraph 3 under Article 1 of Administrative Regulation no.3/2005, applicant will only be eligible only when his/her educational and professional qualification as well as experience as managerial personnel or specialty technician are considered particularly beneficial to Macao SAR.


Eligible applicants may go through a shortened temporary residency application procedure provided by IPIM’s Express Entry. Applicant can also apply at the Express Counter of IPIM, where official personnel are stationed to provide immediate response to applicants, and his/her application will be handled with priority on the condition that he/she has submitted all required documents. Professionals interested in applying for temporary residency in Macao may refer to the Temporary Residency Application Guidelines.

For more information about residency application, please call 28712055, email to djfr@ipim.gov.mo or consult IPIM on Room A, 3/F, The Carat, 29, Avenida do Governador Jaime Silvério Marques, Macao.