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The EU priorities for 2019-2024

The EU’s new leadership took office on 2 December 2019, one month later than planned, promising a more united Europe that would be ready to face major challenges, especially fighting climate change. The New Commission’s 6 priorities are:


A European Green Deal

The European Green Deal provides a roadmap with actions to boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy and stop climate change, revert biodiversity loss and cut pollution. It outlines investments needed and financing tools available, and explains how to ensure a just and inclusive transition.
The European Green Deal covers all sectors of the economy, notably transport, energy, agriculture, buildings, and industries such as steel, cement, ICT, textiles and chemicals.


An economy that works for people

Individuals and businesses in the EU can only thrive if the economy works for them. The EU’s unique social market economy allows economies to grow and to reduce poverty and inequality. With Europe on a stable footing, the economy can fully respond to the needs of the EU’s citizens.
For that, it is essential to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises, the backbone of the EU’s economy. It is also essential to complete the Capital Markets Union and to deepen the Economic and Monetary Union.


A Europe fit for the digital age

Digital technologies are connecting the world in unforeseen ways, at unprecedented speed. Europe already sets the standards in telecoms and data protection, for instance. However, it falls behind in other areas of the digital economy. Investments in blockchain, high-performance computing, quantum computing, algorithms and new tools for secure data sharing and usage are the starting point on the path to innovation.
Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies can help develop smart solutions for many societal challenges, from health to farming, from security to manufacturing.
Bringing down barriers to learning and improving access to quality education is the key to paving the way for a new European Education Area.


Promoting the European way of life

A Europe that protects must also stand up for justice and for the EU’s core values.
Threats to the rule of law challenge the legal, political and economic basis of our Union. The rule of law is central to President von der Leyen’s vision for a Union of equality, tolerance and social fairness.
The Commission will launch a comprehensive European Rule of Law Mechanism under which it is to report every year, objectively, on the state-of-play on the rule of law across the Union.
Strong borders, modernisation of the EU’s asylum system and cooperation with partner countries are important to achieve a fresh start on migration.


A stronger Europe in the world

The European Commission champions multilateralism and a rules-based global order through a more active role and stronger voice for the EU in the world.
A strong, open and fair trade agenda, making Europe an attractive place for business, is key to strengthening the EU’s role as a global leader while ensuring the highest standards of climate, environmental and labour protection. European leadership also means working shoulder-to-shoulder with neighbouring countries and partners, introducing a comprehensive strategy on Africa and reaffirming the European perspective of the countries of the Western Balkans.

The Commission seeks a coordinated approach to external action – from development aid to the Common Foreign and Security Policy – that secures a stronger and more united voice for Europe in the world.


A new push for European democracy

In order to protect EU democracy from external interference, a joint approach and common standards are necessary to tackle issues such as disinformation and online hate messages. The Commission will engage in consolidating its partnership with the European Parliament, the voice of the people, by ensuring its involvement at all stages of international negotiations, as well as transparency and integrity throughout the legislative process.


For more information and details regarding
“6 Commission priorities for 2019-24”, please visit the website at: https://ec.europa.eu/info/strategy/priorities-2019-2024_en

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