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[2020-03-17] Chad delivers the first batch of beef cattle to Angola

Source: Macauhub

The first batch of head of cattle arrived on Sunday in Luanda, according to an agreement reached between the governments of Angola and Chad, in which the latter undertook to pay a debt of US$100 million taken on in 2017 with the delivery of 75,000 head of cattle over a period of 10 years, the Angolan press reported.

After this first batch of more than 1,000 heads of cattle further shipments will be made to a total of 4,500 head of cattle planned for the first phase, provided that the LSS SUCCESS livestock transport ship is able to dock at the port of Luanda three more times.

The proposal from Chad, a country with a livestock sector that accounts for more than 50% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), came at a time when Angola was seeking solutions to restock its livestock on the so-called Camabatela Plateau, which covers the provinces of Kwanza-Norte, Uíge and Malanje.

After the deal was closed, Angola has set the provinces of Uíge, Kwanza-Norte and Malanje as a priority destination for the cattle from Chad. The Veterinary Service Institute (ISV) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests last month sent a technical team to these provinces to assess the zoo-sanitary conditions of farms that will receive the animals.

The survey, which consisted of taking blood, faeces, and urine samples and ticks from existing livestock in the region, to conduct laboratory tests in Huambo province to identify the types of diseases that affect the animal population in the region.

“With this exercise, we want to survey the main diseases that affect the cattle in the three provinces that make up the Camabatela Plateau (Kwanza Norte, Malanje and Uíge), in order to receive the 75,000 head of cattle arriving from the Republic of Chad,” an ISV official said.

The Camabatela Plateau has an area of 1.41 million hectares and comprises the municipalities of Ambaca and Samba Caju (Kwanza-Norte), Cacuso, Calandula and Cahombo (Malanje), Negage, Puri, Bungo, Alto Cawale, Cangola and Damba, in the province of Uíge.