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[2019-11-06] India was Mozambique’s main export destination in 2018

Source: Macauhub

In 2018 India was Mozambique’s main export destination with a share of 27.32% or US$1.369 billion, according to the country’s National Statistics Institute in its Statistical Yearbook for last year.

The remaining four major markets in the top five for Mozambican products were, by order of importance, the Netherlands, with a market share of 17.38% and a value of US$871 million, South Africa with 12.24% and US$613 million, China with 4.78% and US$239 million and Hong Kong with 4.59% and US$229 million.

The top 10 export markets list also included Singapore (4.56%), Poland (2.59%), the United States (2.43%), the United Kingdom (1.88%) and the United Arab Emirates (1.83%).

As regards the main import markets, South Africa came first with a share of 27.79% and a value of US$1.929 billion, followed by China with 11.51% and US$799 million, the United Arab Emirates with 7.47% and US$518 million, the Netherlands with 7.46% and US$518 million, and India with 7.06% and US$490 million.

Completing the top 10 places in major import markets were Singapore, with 4.07% and US$282 million, Portugal with 3.32% and US$230 million, the United States with 3.14% and US$217 million, Japan with 2.83% and US$196 million, and Thailand with 2.28% and US$158 million.

Overall, Mozambique has two major trading partners – South Africa, with US$2.543 billion in trade, and India with US$1.859 billion.

Mozambique, whose main export products are coal to India, aluminium to the Netherlands and electricity and gas to South Africa, recorded a trade deficit of US$1.931 billion in the year under review, resulting from exports of US$5.012 billion and imports of US$.6.944 billion.