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[2019-04-02] China is the largest buyer of pulp from Brazil in 2018

Source: Macauhub

In 2018 China continued to be the main destination for Brazilian pulp exports by value, according to figures released by the industry association, the Brazilian Industry of Trees (IBA).

In 2018, China bought Brazilian cellulose pulp from producers worth US$3.542 billion, an increase of 37.7% compared to US$2.572 billion in 2017.

China overtook Europe as the main destination for Brazilian pulp in both years, with the European bloc buying US$2.668 billion in 2018 and US$1.985 billion a year earlier.

For the other two products with statistics released by the IBA, wood and paper panels, China came in the last place among export destinations, with very low export values.

In wood panels, whose main export destination was Latin America, with US$179 million in 2018, China purchased products worth US$6 million, or double the US$3 million recorded a year earlier.

China bought US$47 million worth of paper from Brazil in 2018, a 52.0% drop compared with 2017, with Latin America once again the main export destination, with a value of US$1.418 billion.

The Brazilian timber sector recorded a foreign trade surplus of US$9.672 billion, resulting from exports of US$10.772 billion and imports of US$ 1.070 billion.