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Convention and Exhibition Financial Support Programme

In an effort to promote moderate economic diversification and development of the convention and exhibition industry in Macao, the Convention and Exhibition Financial Support Programme aims to provide assistance and support to organizers and planners of conventions and exhibitions held in Macao, with the ultimate goal of sharpening the competitive edge of Macao’s convention and exhibition industry and developing Macao into a destination city of various conventions and exhibitions.

Regarding the assessment criteria for the application of “Convention and Exhibition Financial Support Programme”, the following issues will be taken into consideration by IPIM, before making a decision to grant or deny approval or partial approval of an application, including: event nature, degree of internationalization, theme of event, timing, scale, duration, professionalism, past event reference, economic benefit to local community, etc.

Interested parties please consult in details the “Terms and Conditions” of the Programme.

Application list (Summary)

Application Forms and information:
Application Form – Confirmed Convention or Exhibition Updated Date : 2022/11/30
Application Form – Potential Event Updated Date : 2022/11/30
Post Event Report Updated Date : 2022/11/30
FAQ Updated Date : 2022/11/30
Application list (Summary) Updated Date : 2019/11/21
Post-Event Application List (Summary) Updated Date : 2019/11/21