The Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) has been releasing the quarterly, semi-annual and annual data of temporary residency applications, approved applications and beneficiaries.  In order to further enhance the information transparency, data of disapproved/cancelled applications, industries involved in residency applications based on major investment, sectors involved in technical immigration for managements or technical personnel will also be presented in details. Statistics will also be further categorised to demonstrate the proportion of the ten professions in the five industries to which are given priority in the introduction of talents, namely the financial industry, information technology industry, traditional Chinese medicine industry, Portuguese-speaking market and Chinese-Portuguese translation sector, convention and exhibition industry. IPIM will also continue to enhance the information transparency in the future.

According to the statistics and industry classification of approved applications between 2015 and 2018 (Jan – Jun), the industries involved mainly include: Education (32%), hotel and dining (24%), construction (10%), entertainment and gaming (8%). The financial sector – one of the industries which are given priority in the introduction of talents – accounted for 7% (see details in Table 1 below).

In addition, according to the statistics of temporary residency for approved investors, managements and technical personnel for the first half of 2018, IPIM received a total of 4 new residence applications based on “major investment”, 2 applications under the same category were approved while 10 were disapproved/cancelled; there were a total of 143 new applications based on “management and technical personnel”, 21 applications under same category were approved and 127 were disapproved/cancelled (see detailed data in Table 2 below).

It must be pointed out that the residency validity period (7 years) of the approved applicants and interested parties whose applications were registered before the enforcement of Administrative Regulation no.7/2007 is reaching the expiry, while the number of renewal applications dropped dramatically as compared to last year; on the other hand, since case reviewal and field inspection have been carried out continuously, the number of approved applications and applicants also decreased.

For more details, please visit the official website of IPIM: IPIM will continue collecting opinions from all sectors of the city in order to review and optimise the current system, whereby ensure that the system is beneficial to the sustainable development of Macao’s economy and society.