Representatives of Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) went to Bangkok, Thailand, in mid-September to attend the 29nd TTG Travel Awards Ceremony. IPIM was awarded the “Best Convention & Exhibition Bureau”. IPIM is grateful to the convention and exhibition and tourism industries for their support and has pledged to continue to improve its services and promote the development of Macao´s MICE industry. Furthermore, during the same period, IPIM also organised the participation of Macao´s convention and exhibition and tourism sectors in the IT&CMA (Incentive Travel & Convention, Meetings Asia), held in Bangkok, Thailand.

This year, IT&CMA, one of the most important Incentive Travel & Conventions tradefair in Asia, took place in Bangkok, Thailand. IPIM has set-up at the venue a 204-square meter “Macao Pavilion”, to provide display and communication platforms for 22 Macao´s enterprises, including hotels, travel agencies, professional conference organisers, destination management companies and convention services providers, for networking with the potential event organisers around the world, and over 400 business matching sessions has been conducted during the tradefair. The exhibitors agree that the results were fruitful. IPIM’s Executive Director Irene Va Kuan Lau shared a case study in the media briefing of IT&CMA, she mentioned that a meeting with more than 20,000 attendees were held during the two tropical cyclones Barijat and Manghut hit Macao, an appropriate and effective contingency plan was laid down and well implemented by the Macao’s MICE industry partners. The quick and productive response did not only gain the acknowledgement of the organisers, but also demonstrated the city’s capability of handling maga conventions by enabling the events to be successfully staged.

On the closing day, TTA Asia, the organiser of IT&CMA, hosted the “TTG Travel Awards Ceremony”, during which, IPIM was awarded as the “Best Convention & Exhibition Bureau” among Asia Pacific regions. The TTG Travel Awards are designed to recognise the outstanding performance of the operators of the tourism and convention and exhibition industries in the Asia Pacific regions. Nominations and selections for each award are handled by the tourism and convention and exhibition industry partners, and these awards areamong the most credible tourism and convention and exhibition awards in the Asia Pacific Region, to distinguish industry partner of the said industries. Created in 2005, previous award winners included government agencies from South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand, among other countries and regions.

Since 2016, IPIM has been responsible for coordinating and promoting the development of the MICE industry in Macao. It has endeavoured its best efforts to establish Macao as an ideal destination for conventions and exhibitions, in a bid to attract more international conferences to stage the event in Macao. The fact that IPM was able to stand out among several cities in Asia-Pacific region is an affirmation of works carried out by the said government agency. In addition to expressing its appreciation for the support received from the industry partners, IPIM will continue to improve its services to the MICE industry, in particular,  its “One-stop Service for MICE Bidding and Support in Macao”, so as to attract a greater number of international conventions and exhibitions to be held in Macao.


IPIM´s representatives and Macao´s convention and exhibition industries partners in front of the Macao Pavilion at IT&CMA


IPIM was awarded “Best Convention & Exhibition Bureau”