The “Green Public Day” was held on 14 April, marking a fruitful completion of the 2018 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (2018MIECF). The event’s doors were open to the public to increase public awareness of environmental protection. Large numbers of visitors were attracted to the event, creating a lively atmosphere on the exhibition floor.

The MIECF event, an international gathering highlighting environmental protection, has long been drawing people’s attention to the “green” and low-carbon lifestyles and environmental issues by widely involving public participation. On the “Green Public Day”, a series of activities linked to environmental protection topics were organised for parents and children, implanting the awareness of environmental protection in the younger generation from an early age. A number of workshops highlighting environmental protection were staged at the venue. With the help of the workshop instructors, visitors had a chance to gain hands-on experience of how to make use of everyday waste materials to create environmentally-friendly furnishings or practical tools. The “Green Public Day” also offered a lucky draw, family games, an exhibition on waste reduction, and display areas for recycled products.

The mascot of the Environmental Protection Bureau was on site to pose in photographs with visitors.

In addition, the 2018MIECF has – as in previous editions of the event – arranged “green” guided tours for Macao students (including those who at university, middle school or elementary school), introducing the visitors to concept of MIECF,  different showcase areas and their characteristics, whereby help the students grow their mindsets of environmental protection.

A parent participating in the “Green Public Day” described it as a good opportunity for parent-child activities: young children could learn from the games on offer, and at the same time cultivate environmental awareness.

The “Eco-Market Macao” was the session that wrapped the event with success. Offered for sale there were various types of environmentally-friendly products enhancing public awareness of green products and practices for living a “green lifestyle”. An exhibitor that sells deodorising and sterilising products said that in recent years, people have been paying ever-greater attention to health issues and also have shown willingness to buy healthy and environmentally-friendly products. Product sales at this year’s MIECF increased compared to last year’s edition, and this brought more publicity to the company’s products, the exhibitor said.

According to another firm sellingenvironmentally-friendly packaging and materials for outdoor use, which participated in the “Eco-Market Macao”for the first time,its attendance at 2018MIECF had yieldedgoodresults.