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16/06/2018 - 26/08/2018
All Day
2/F Broadway Macau

Organizer:Macau Entertainment Exhibition Association Co-Organizer:Seer Entertainment Production LTd, Pride Entertainment Production Ltd, A&J Events Planning, JRG Convention and Exhibition Services Ltd
Event Introduction:As a classic series which has last for more than 45 years, the Kamen Riders were the childhood memories of many generations. In the 10th anniversary of Heisei Kaman Riders movie, there was a scene of 26 different generations of Kamen Riders showed up together and fight against the devil organization of Shocker. Doesn’t it remain fresh in your mind? Aren’t you still feeling excited about it? Classic becomes better by time, in 2018, all the Kamen Riders are finally united again! This year, the first 33 generations of Kamen Rider will come from Japan to the Kamen Rider Exhibition (Macau), to show us their powerful strength outside the TV! The Kamen Rider Exhibition (Macau) is the first exhibition outside of Japan showing all 33 generations of Kamen Riders at the same time, in order to let you experience the different attracting points of each Kamen Rider and recall your memories.

澳門娛樂展覧協會 Macau Entertainment Exhibition Association
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