Macao News Highlights


“The Historic Centre of Macao” was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List on 15 July 2005. Macao has witnessed the blend of Chinese and Western culture for over 400 years. During this lengthy period, Macao has built a unique culture, the mixture of traditional Chinese and Western cultures mainly from Portugal. Moreover, the addition of the inscription of “The Historic Centre of Macao” is a much needed tonic for Macao’s tourism industry. It is now not only a city of gambling, but also a city of culture, a city of arts and a city of MICE. This can only take Macao’s economic development to another stage, orientated by culture and MICE. Obviously this is going to take a long time and a lot of effort for Macao to make the transition from being known just for gaming.


Macao East Asian Games Dome is located in COTAI and has an area of 139,960 m2. It consists of the Arena, Theatre, Exhibition Centre and Macao International Convention Centre. The Arena seats 7,000 and is ideal for all kinds of indoor sports events as well as being the perfect stage for a wide range of cultural shows and concerts. The theatre has a central stage with the audience seated in a ‘U’ around it. An audience of 1,992 will have a perfect view for the opera, plays and seminars. The Exhibition Centre is located on the first floor; this 2,772 m2 area will soon be ready to hold exhibition and trade fairs. Seminars, meetings, workshops and lectures will be held in the meeting rooms adjacent to the Exhibition Centre. Macao International Convention Centre covers a 3,000 m2 open area and can cater for 2,000 for banquets, large-scale conferences or trade fairs.

The convention and exhibition facilities inthe Macao East Asian Games Dome, as well as the adjacent Logistics Centre, have added new resources to the Macao Tourism, Convention and Exhibition and logistiscs industries.