Memorandum & Articles of the Private Limited Company

Os campos marcados com * são obrigatórios

(2) Proposed Company Name:

(4) Scope of the Business:

*Minimum total share capital MOP25, 000.

(6) Form and Timing of Equity Participations

(7) Shareholders’ names and Subscribed capital (In MOP):

*Each share per shareholder with minimum value MOP1,000, in multiples of MOP100.

(8)Board of Administrators Composition

(Separated by commas)

*Administrators can be shareholders or non-shareholders, Specific titles can be assigned to administrators, such as manager, directors or other

*example: Administrator1(Title), Administrator2(Title)

(9) Names of Administrators (Directors):

(Separated by commas)

*Signatories on administrative board necessary to uphold the company’s legal responsibility. Example: Sign by anyone director or joint signature.

(11)Optional Articles (for reference)

(12)Other Customized Articles

*Must be in accordance with the Commercial Code

(13) Select Language:*

* In addition to the above content of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the company is also regulated by the Commercial Code of Macao.

Declaration: For the purpose of business registration, I/The company agree(s) to authorize Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute to transfer the Memorandum & Articles of the Private Limited Company and related documents to other government departments or organizations when they are required for the administrative procedures.