IPIM Performance Satisfaction Survey

In order to enhance the quality of our services, IPIM is conducting a performance satisfaction survey. Please put a √ in the appropriate space based on your experience using our services.

Select - Service that you have used: ("√"Performance Pledge):
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Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied Satisfied Very Satisfied
If you consider dissatisfied/very dissatisfied, please indicate the reason.
1. IPIM’s service hours?
2. Locations of IPIM’s offices?
3. Means of communication with IPIM?
4. Attitude of the staff providing services?
5. Professional standards of the staff providing services?
6. Efficiency of the staff providing services?
7. Initiative of the staff providing services?
8. Environment of our offices?
9. Public facilities in our offices?
10. Waiting time for IPIM services?
11. Procedures for IPIM services efficient?
12. Services are provided fair?
13. IPIM services fulfil your objectives?
14. Degree of transparency of the information provided by IPIM?
15. Accuracy of the information provided by IPIM?
16. Adequacy of the e-service provided by IPIM?
Have you made use of IPIM’s e-service over the past year? If yes, please go to Q17.
17. E-service provided by IPIM?
18. Coverage of performance pledge currently adopted by IPIM?
If the service you have used was covered by the performance pledge. Please go to Q19, 20.
19. IPIM’s performance pledge indicators?
20. Clarity of IPIM’s performance pledge indicator?
21. Standard of IPIM’s overall service?
22. Do you have any comment on the areas coverage of IPIM’s performance pledge?
Please provide basic personal information for analysis purpose.
23. Gender: male female        
24. Age: below 20 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 over 60
Thank you for your support. Please click [SEND]to return the survey, or by email/fax to IPIM’s Information Centre.
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