Q1.  When Chinese passport holders submit temporary residency applications, do they need to submit documents residency of other countries/regions?

A: Aside from Chinese passport, Chinese mainlander should also submit documents issued by the relevant departments in Mainland China approving their residency in the Macao Special Administrative Region (applicable to initial application only). If an applicant is not living in Mainland China, he/she may follow Item (2) of Paragraph 1 under Article 15 of Administrative Regulation (Regulations of Entry, Stay and Residence Authorisation), “China citizens who born in Mainland China yet do not live in Mainland China must support documents issued by the relevant departments of the countries/regions they live in”.

Q2. How long does an application procedure take? Why the time of result announcement differs from person to person even though they submit the application on the same day?

A:  The duration of the approval procedure greatly depends of different cases of applicants. After receiving a temporary residency application, IPIM will consult other departments for relevant opinions as required by the law. In the event it is found that supplementary documents are needed, IPIM will request relevant applicants to provide these documents. The procedure might take shorter or longer depending on whether the applicants have submitted all of the required documents and the assessment results of the documents, hence the different time of result announcements due to the differences of applications

Q3. What will happen if an applicant is unable to submit all the required documents?

A: Applicants are required to submit documents supporting the information provided on their temporary residency application (such as educational background, work experience, professional qualification/work licence, individual capability, achievements and awards). If an applicant is unable to submit these documents, he/she should explain with declaration. It must be noted that only the information with supporting documents will be included in the assessment and analysis. If an applicant cannot submit the documents as required, he/she needs to submit written explanation, which IPIM will analyse and determined whether to accept or not.

Q4. What will happen if the required documents are not submitted after an application is filed?

A:  In the event the application process is suspended for more than six months due to reason(s) attributable to the interested party (-ies), the empowered authority (-ies) can announce the termination of relevant procedure (Reference: Article12 of Administrative Regulation No 3/2005 and Article 103 of the Administrative Procedure Code).

Q5. How long is the validity of a temporary residency permit?

A:  Renewable temporary residency with 3 years of validity will be granted to qualified interested parties and their qualified family dependents under normal circumstances. For interested parties of major investment plans and their family dependents, temporary residency valid for 18 months which can be renewed for one time will be granted. However, under no circumstances shall the temporary residency permit remain valid beyond 30 days before the expiry date of the passport, travel document or entry, re-entry permit of other country/region held by the applicant (Reference: Article 17 of Administrative Regulation No.3/2005)