Provide investors with temporary offices and public facilities during their preparatory stage, reducing their startup costs in Macao.

「Central Reception」&「Information Centre
Central Reception offers trade enquiry service and information; such includes local transportation/business environment/business information, etc.

「Multi-Functional Conference Halls」
In order to assist enterprise to exploit potential markets and explore business opportunities, IPIM provide the use of Multi-Functional Conference Halls to promote activities that facilitate business and trade information exchanges between local and overseas business associations/enterprises.

Eligible applicant
1. Business association/organization, government and quasi-official institution;
2. Business Association/organization station at IPIM or tenant of the temporary office of IPIM;
3. Local small and medium-sized enterprises, which are recommended by business associations or government institutes that organise events aiming at market exploitation or promoting Macao’s economic development;
4. The apply event shall aim in exploring the business opportunities or fostering the economic development in Macao

To apply for the use of multi-functional conference halls, please download the application form and submit the completed application form together with the required supporting documents by post/email/fax to IPIM. The staff of IPIM will contact the applicant upon receiving the application.

「Meeting Rooms」
Registered Business Member and temporary office users may apply to use meeting rooms for business meetings, negotiations or to conduct interviews. To apply for the use of meeting rooms, please download the reservation form and submit the completed form together with the required documents by post /email/fax to IPIM. The staff of IPIM will contact the applicant upon receiving the application.

「Registered User」
Staff of local / overseas enterprises and business promotional institutes or professionals can apply to be the Registered User by submitting the completed application form with the relevant information. All Registered Users are welcome to use the meeting room facilities and services as well as receiving the electronic publications of IPIM regularly.

「Enquiry & Registration Contacts」
Address: Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpção No 263, Edif. China Civil Plaza, 19˚ andar, Macau
Tel : (853) 28728212
Fax : (853) 28728213
e-mail :