Endeavouring towards the diversification of Macao’s economic structure and the transformation of the city into a world tourism and leisure centre, the Macao SAR Government has been pushing forward the rapid development of the convention and exhibition industry. Implementation of “The International Meeting and Trade Fair Support Program” is expected to help enrich the diversity, contents and quality of MICE events held in Macao, and, at the same time, to instigate a boost to the industry’s competitiveness. In time, Macao is hoped to evolve into a favoured destination for the hosting of international meetings and trade fairs.

Regarding the assessment criteria for the application of “International Meeting and Trade Fair Support Program”, the following issues will be taken into consideration by IPIM, before making a decisioin to grant or deny approval or partial approval of an application, including: nature of the event concerned, degree of internationalization, whether the theme can benefit to the development of Macao economic diverification, event date and quarter, scale, duration and sustainability, etc.

Interested parties please consult, in details, the “Terms and Conditions” of the Program, (Revision 1) Effective from 21 February 2017.

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Application Form - The International Meeting and Trade Fair Support Program Updated Date : 2016/09/12
Application Form - The International Meeting and Trade Fair Support Post Event Report Form Updated Date : 2016/09/12