The three-day 2015 Macao Franchise Expo (2015MFE) was successfully closed today (5 July). Many exhibitors described the three-day event as highly successful and outlined the positive results they achieved by joining this year’s event. They also said  that MFE has become an excellent platform for exhibitors and participants to seek co-operation opportunities, adding that the event helps enhance the popularity of the exhibitors’ products and services.

Exhibitors Successfully Attract Investors
Leo Iu is Managing Director of Long Wang Develop House Ltd, a Macao firm being the agent for products of in vogue brands from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Mainland China. After exhibiting at this year’s MFE, Mr Iu said that several investors from Singapore and Macao have expressed interests in some of his products.

A Product Presentation by Japan’s Oita Prefecture was held for three consecutive days this year.  Masanori Hirakawa, Vice Director of Commerce and Service Promotion Division of Oita Prefectural Government, praised that the venue was very well set up. Even though it was the first time that the Oita Prefecture took part in MFE, Mr Hirakawa said that his organisation was able to discuss co-operation arrangements with some trade visitors, including representatives from the hotel industry and the food and beverage industry in Mainland China and Macao. If the co-operation materialises, it would certainly increase the volume of trade in the future, he added.

Effective Event Attracts Exhibitors Return
Wu Binbin, Manager of Ningde ZhenHuaTang Handicraft Co Ltd, from Fujian Province, said that they have achieved excellent results at last year’s MFE, participated through IPIM’s liaison office in Fuzhou.  The reputation of the company has been enhanced and there were drastic increase in the number of new orders and revenue, and the company decided to take part in MFE again this year. During the three-day event, many potential investors were interested in the products of Ningde ZhenHuaTang, with several expressed interests in being the agent for their products, said Ms Wu. She added that MFE is different from other trade shows, as it offers exhibitors opportunities for different types of business negotiations and therefore enhance the reputation of the exhibitors, as well as broadening their horizons. Ms Wu said that Ningde ZhenHuaTang will join the event again next year.

Onebiz China, a subsidiary of a Portuguese enterprise, was incorporated in Macao after the parent company joined last year’s MFE. Ms Claudia Portugal, representative of Onebiz China, said the company’s goal is to find a partner that could represent its brands in the education sector. Ms Portugal said some people have shown interests in the education brands represented by her company, despite admitting that setting up education projects is a complex process. Ms Portugal said she nonetheless believes that MFE offers a good platform for Onebiz China to promote its brands, highlighting that the event organisers have hosted many activities to promote business matching opportunities, which is important for exhibitors when looking for partners.

Exhibitor: Macao is the Best Gateway to Mainland China Market
This was the first time that Délifrance, a well-known chain of café bakery, joined MFE. Fabrice Herlax, Marketing Director, Retail Franchise International for Délifrance, said that by taking part in MFE this year, the brand was able to get in touch with different investors and discuss opportunities for co-operation. He said Macao is an excellent gateway for tapping the market in Southern China, given the liaisons between Macao and Mainland China as a whole. Mr Herlax hopes that he will be able to bring the French food and culture of Délifrance to the market of Mainland China through Macao.

Goodgil Co Ltd is a restaurant specialising in Korean-style traditional soups. Josh Sungwoo Cho, Managing Director of Goodgil, said that this was their first participation in MFE and also the first time they take part in an overseas exhibition.  He added that the feedback the firm received during the event was very good. Many participants expressed interests in working with the company, and an agreement has been signed with a company with the intention of opening the restaurant in Sichuan Province and Macao. Goodgil is also discussing a business opportunity with a Hong Kong company. Although he was confident about the products and services provided by his company, he said he had not expected the amount of good feedback and that so many people would show interests in co-operating with Goodgil. The company hopes to open five to six restaurants in overseas markets this year. Goodgil plans to join MFE again next year.

MasanoriHirakawa, Vice Director of Commerce and Service Promotion Division of OitaPrefectural Government, says that they have successfully found investors during 2015MFE.

GoodgilCo Ltd signs agreement with investors fromChengdu, China.