The three-day concurrent events – “22nd Macao International Trade and Investment Fair” (22nd MIF) and “2017 Portuguese-Speaking-Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao)” (2017 PLPEX) – concluded successfully today (21st). Exhibitors, buyers and professional visitors  expressed recognition of the events for building a communication and exchange platform for enterprises from home and abroad, further highlighting the advantages and strengths of Macao as a “Business and Trade Co-operation Service Platform between Mainland China and Portuguese-Speaking-Countries” and generating fruitful results. They also pointed out that by holding MIF and PLPEX concurrently with cumulative effect generated, providing merchants and residents with more co-operation opportunities and selections.

Enterprises collaborate with cross-border e-commerce to expand development space via MIF

Mr. Hu from Wuhan mentioned that he participated in a number of activities, such as the China and Portuguese Speaking Countries SMEs Investment and Trade Business Matching Event, and met several enterprises from Macao and Portuguese-speaking Countries over the three days. He found that most enterprises needed to further improve their e-commerce sales platforms and channels, which is exactly what his company is doing, so he has seen much room for reciprocation. He also successfully reached co-operation intent with a local food product company. In addition, a local restaurant and association signed co-operation intent, whereby they agreed to introduce the local specialties and food cultures of Macao and Portuguese-speaking Countries to the Mainland market via the platform of cross-border e-commerce. Responsible person of a restaurant, Mr. Chan, expressed that this is the second time he had participated in MIF and on both occasions  has been satisfied with the results. This year, MIF and PLPEX were held concurrently, which has clearly fulfilled the objectives of businesspeople and effectively enhanced the efficiency of communication and networking. This year, he successfully completed his registration on the Online Business Matching Service Platform, which allowed him to freely select his target enterprises and have discussions with them directly. He expressed that at present, the products of Portuguese-speaking Countries do not have a significant market share in the Mainland and he hoped to capitalise on the advantages of Macao as a platform to showcase Portuguese wine, special drinks, souvenirs and black olives in the restaurant and offer free tasting, and at a later stage, provide an online order service via an online platform.

PLPEX as unique event to highlight Macao’s role as a platform

Mr. Kwan, a PLPEX exhibitor, said that this year has been very  productive as they successfully signed an agency agreement in relation to the sale of Portuguese milk in the Mainland and Macao. Ana Goncalves, representative of the milk company, said they are pleased to see a number of importers who have shown interest in their milk products.

Ms. Cheang, a local exhibitor engaged in the business of Portuguese food products, mentioned that they participated in MIF last year but rather participated in PLPEX this year. She believed that PLPEX as an independent event would allow visitors to better understand the characteristics of Portuguese-speaking Countries products. She further said that they had brought fish and canned products with them to  showcase and the most worthwhile part was to have access to more businesspeople from abroad and the Mainland and they are planning to explore the Hong Kong market, and in the future enter the Mainland market.


Enterprises express approval of the concurrent hosting of MIF and PLPEX for generating a cumulative effect.


Businesspeople seize prospects brought about by the MIF platform to explore business opportunities.